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This project is still under development. For comments or further information contact:

Botanical descriptions:
Orlando Vargas
Development & Databases:
Enrique Castro

Organization for Tropical Studies
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La Selva Biological Station
Phone: (506) 766 6565 / Fax (506) 766 65 35



elcome to the La Selva Digital Florula, a reference database to the vascular plants of the La Selva Biological Station. When complete, the Digital Florula will house information on nomenclature, family characters, species diagnostic and conspicuous characters, physical characteristics, habitat, phenology, pollination, dispersal and natural history for every species of vascular plant at La Selva (Gymnosperms and Angiosperms will be treated first and Pteridophytes will be completed in a second phase). User access to the database will be through an interface providing three principal taxonomic tools: (1) a web page manual to La Selva's plants, heavily illustrated with digital images of whole plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, seedlings, trunk and bark (for trees) and other diagnostic structures, coupled with verbal descriptions of each structure and "value-added" ecological data (on dispersal, pollination, etc.), (2) interactive, electronic keys to family genus and species, (3) a Boolean search engine that will allow simultaneous searches on any three of the fields in the database, which include full nomenclature , taxonomic character states. Links to other botanical and reference sites will also be included.

Although the Digital Florula site is still under development, we have working prototypes of:
  1. The web page manual for species of the family Bombaceae.

2. Two separate interactive keys to the families of Gymnosperms and Angiosperms and to species of Bombacaceae.

3. The Boolean search engine (our database currently contains information on taxonomic nomenclature, but is still largely unpopulated with other data).

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