Interactive Electronic Keys


When the Digital Florula is complete, it will contain interactive electronic keys to families, genera and species of La Selva’s vascular plants based on taxonomic descriptions encoded in DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) developed by M. J. Dallwitz, T. A. Paine, and E. J. Zurcher at CSIRO, which is a flexible method for encoding taxonomic data for computer processing that has been adopted by the International Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG) as a standard for data exchange. DELTA-format data can be used to produce natural-language descriptions, interactive or conventional keys. For more information see:

DELTA Home Page

  Intkey is a powerful electronic key developed by the authors of the DELTA system. It can automatically list diagnostic characters that define a taxonomic group or that separate two different groups. To use Intkey, you must first download the Intkey software (see the link below) and install it on your (client) computer. Intkey runs only in the Windows operating system. To download Intkey click here
  Family Dataset for Intkey
  Bombacaceae Dataset fot Intkey
  NaviKey is a key similar to Intkey, that runs as a Java applet developed by Michael Bartley and Noel Cross of Harvard University. The initial development of NaviKey was supported in part through an award from the National Science Foundation's PEET program. Navikey requires no browser plug-ins or downloads, but unfortunately Navikey is not currently compatible with most versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (this is scheduled to be remedied in the next few months). To see more information go to Navikey Home Page
  Key to Family
  Key to Bombacaceae
  These keys to the the nine species of Bombacaceae found at La Selva Biological Station were generated automatically with the DELTA CONFOR software. Both sterile (leaf shape, trunk diameter, petiole length and shape, leaf type, etc.) and fertile characters (calix shape, flower lenght, number of seeds, fruit lenght, flower odor, etc.) were used. Separate sterile and fertile keys were created to facilitate identifications when only sterile characters are available.
  Key to Bombacaceae fertile & sterile characters
  Key to Bombacaceae sterile characters