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Updated January 2012
Prepared by : James R. Zook, Joel Alvarado, Rodolfo Alvarado, Orlando Vargas y Enrique Castro.

Based on:
James R. Zook, Joel Alvarado, Orlando Vargas, Adolfo Downs, Erick Castro y Gerardo Vega. Lista de Aves de La Selva 1999. Bruce Young Lista de Aves de La Selva 1996. Stiles and Levey, Lista de Aves de La Selva y vecindades 1994.

This is the latest version of the Check-list to the Birds of La Selva Biological Station. This list reflects changes in abundance that some species have undergone over the past years. Changes are based on the extensive field experience of the authors at La Selva and are meant to be a measure of the likelihood of encountering a species. Many of the conclusions are supported by a recent publication that analyzed avian community trends at La Selva over the past 40 years (Sigel, Sherry & Young, 2006). Update for abundance, December 2010.
Also added to this update are 33 new species recorded at La Selva since the previous list was published (1999). Including historical records, this brings for year 2011, the total La Selva list, to 467 species. New records come from various sources: researchers, birding tour guides, the station’s natural history guides and the annual Christmas Bird Count. Records are supported by written reports, photographs or interviews with the observer(s) and were accepted only after review.

Appendix: List of species that have not been found yet at La Selva but that have been recorded in the surrounding area (within 10 kilometers, below 200 m elevation) view document.

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